No.090  Pudding Deline

No.090 Pudding Deline

$ 14.50

Last night I dreamt that Orion and Rebecca were having a party. As we all hung out and had a good time there was a small pink creature walking around, about the size of a 30 lb dog (a little smaller than Joe and Lana).

Then I saw Rebecca reach down and grab a chunk of cake off the creature's back. I suddenly realized that it was a pudding deline - an animal that naturally produces cake. As you eat the cake, more grows in. This particular deline was yellow cake flavored with pink icing and sprinkles. I asked Rebecca if she was just borrowing it from someone but she said "no, it's ours!" And I was so surprised and happy that they finally got a pet, especially a cake pet.

It suddenly made sense why the animal was so obsessed with reaching around to its own back and licking or eating - because it was full of cake!

Crazy dream :)

This drawing is part of my daily doodle project. I'm attempting to do 365 days of doodles. The project is interactive and the subjects are provided by friends and family on Facebook. If you'd like to make a suggestion, you can do so here:

Most of the drawings are done in under an hour, so they are quick and fairly simple. First they are drawn with pencil, then inked then colored with markers and color pencils. Most are also 6x6 inches or less.

* All art prints are done on color inkjet premium paper.
* Comes with mat, backing board and protective sleeve.
* Artwork is 5"x7" and mat is 8.5"x11"
* Prints are hand numbered and signed, only 10 available (includes all sizes).

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